Incorporated as a town in 1891.
First mayor was John Bourke.
Incorporated as a city in 1925.
City of North Bay 
amalgamated with 
West Ferris & Widdifield 
townships in 1968.
Last update was... January 2, 2023
North Bay beginnings ...
Citizens of Nipissing District
       North Bay, Ontario
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North Bay & Area History Links
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Webmaster recommends these fantastic books to learn more about North Bay History .
( NOTE: Some author's have published several North Bay related books not shown below. )
Gateway to Silverland 
by Anson Gard 1909
click book to read online 
Police Stories
Tales from a Small Town Cop
by Chief George Berrigan (retired)
2008 - ISBN 978-0-88887-368-2
the Best of 
Hartley Trussler's North Bay
by Hartley Trussler 1982 
Nipissing from Brule to Booth
by Murrray Leatherdale 1975
Gateway City the North Bay Story
by Michael Barnes 1982
North Bay
by W.K.P. Kennedy 1961
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North Bay's Homefront
1939 - 1945 the City its Citizens & WW2
by C. Gunning
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Memorabilia of
North Bay - 
Believe It or Not
by C. Gunning 2006
North Words
by Wilston Steer
the Beat Light
NB Police History 1882-2007
by Wayne F. LeBelle with
Victor McClenaghan
ISBN 978-0-9699362-6-8
Nipissing from Brule to Booth, 
by Murray Leatherdale 
second edition 
Available locally at North Bay book stores 
Online @ or 
1-888-232-4444 ISBN 978-1-4251-5342-7

Back in print, the second edition of 
available in stores now
Boosting the Bay
by Wilston Steer 1994
North Bay Northern Gateway
by Michael Barnes
Blades on the Bay
100 Years of Hockey in North Bay & Area
by Bruce Craig & Kenneth Craig
North Bay - 
the War Years
by C. Gunning
Eyes Right, the Cadet Story:
3/4 of a Century of North Bay's Cadet Corps
ISBN 0969472129 / 9780969472124 / 0-9694721-2-9 
also by Cuthbert Gunning ...
H. M. C. S. ``North Bay'':
One Ship's Role in War and Peace, 1943-1992
ISBN 0969472145 / 9780969472148 / 0-9694721-4-5 
North Bay's Fort Chippewa
by C. Gunning
North Bay, the Lean Years:
1929-39, a Decade of Adversity
ISBN 0-9694721-5-3
by C. Gunning
A Vast & Magnificent Land
Edited by Matt Bray & Ernie Epp
1984  -  ISBN  0-88663-001-0
Northern Steamboats
Timiskaming, Nipissing & Abitibi
by Richard Tatley
1996  -  ISBN  1-55046-165-6
History of the Northern Association of Baptist Churches 1890 - 1968
by Alec W. Schorse  -  1969
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North Bay Heritage Carousel
ISBN # 1-55056-949-X
Flying Past 
Illustrated History of North Bay Region
by Jack de la Vergne 2013
Down by the Railroad Tracks
by Cal Smith
ISBN 978-0--9812560-6-1
From Dugout to Diesel:
Transportation on Lake Nipissing
by Bessel J. VandenHazel
ISBN 0-88954-251-1
The Northern Connection
Ontario Northland since 1902
by Robert J. Surtees
ISBN 0-921801-83-1
The Fossmill Story
by Doug & Paul Mackey 1999
ISBN 1-896974-10-4
The Kiosk Story
by Doug Mackey 2007
ISBN 1-896974-11-2
North Bay Hydro 1885 - 1973
by B.M. Graham
Vernon's North Bay Directory
1916 and 1917
click on books to read them online
Voices from the Past : Heritage Perspectives 1
by Doug Mackey - ISBN 978-1-896974-09-5
From Birchcraft to Aircraft
A History of Postal Service in the Nipissing District
by Jack de la Vergne 2021
ISBN 978-0-9736379-6-0
Callander Now & Then
by Donald Clysdale 2011
ISBN 987-0-9865065-36