Vintage North Bay, Ontario Advertising
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Portage Trading Post brochure
Located at the corner of Lakeshore Drive & Banner Ave. 
This gift shop sold items such as Indianware, Hudson's Bay Blankets, souvenirs etc. 
The Portage Trading Post was noted as home to "Canada's largest Indian". 
"Chief Standing Moose" towered 24' tall, located at the right side of the shop.
the "steamer" Sea-Gull schedule circa 1930's
Lake Nipissing & French River daily boat service.
Model Cabins advertisment circa 1930's
Located opposite Dr. Dafoe's (Quints doctor) residence in Callander.
Gordon Barber's Red Indian Service Station brochure
Located at the corner of Main & Fisher Sts.  Phone 942
Beamish & Smith's 1911 Calendar
"Dry goods, ladies' & gents' ready to wear clothing and furnishings, boots & shoes. 
Fine tailoring a specialty.
North-West Motel business card
Located on Hwy.11 North, 5 miles from North Bay.  Phone 472-4450
Continental Hotel wet wipes
170 Main St. East.  Phone 519 or 520  James Symington (Manager) S.C. Kerrigan (Proprietor)
North Bay Wine & Spirit Co. corkscrew & sheath
Wines, liquors and spirits.
Merlin Hotel bottle opener
North Bay, Ontario
Evelyn Motel business card
Located at Nipissing Junction.  Jim & Evelyn Kitts (Prop.)  Phone GR 2-0810
Present day "Clarion Resort Pinewood Park"  Note: The phone number is still the same!
Fashion Craft Shop Ltd. Song Book
Located at 40 Main St. West.  Phone 463
Haskins Supply Co. Ltd. calendar
1351 Seymour Street.  Phone 474-4420 Telex 027-76314
Brown & Maxwell name plate
Name plate from horse drawn buggy.
White Line Cabins business card circa 1930's
Located in Ferris.  Phone 2538R
Red Line Inn brochure
Located in Callander.  Phone 481R-1-1  Built 1937.  Leonard Wookey (Proprietor)
Del Rio Cabins business card
Phone 851-J   R.S. Burnett (Proprietor)
Stan-Don Supply Co. Ltd. lighter
Automotive parts and equipment.
DeLuxe Taxi lighter
phone GR. 2-4100
Hertz Rent a Car lighter
phone GR. 2-2720
Wagar & Griffith
"... for furniture see Wagar & Griffith"
(images courtesy Jim Dixon)
De Luxe Transportation Schedule 1934
Taxis and Coaches - 11 Main Street East phone 101 or 102
Sol Waiser's company shoe horn (courtesy Lonna Mackie)
183 Main St. West / 134 Oak St. West     Phone 603
Jacob Brown (Pipes, Snuff & Smokers' Articles) ashtray
8 Second Street, North Bay, Ontario
Jacob Brown (Pipes, Snuff & Smokers' Articles) Whiskey Jug
8 Second Street, North Bay, Ontario  -  (images courtesy Leona Ambuldeniya, Montreal)
T. M. Palmer Jeweller "metal sign"
Sanders Color Service lighter
courtesy Gordon Neely
Grover Answering Service pen
110 Third Ave. West    Phone 474-2500
courtesy Gordon Neely
Style-Rite Beauty Lounge calendar
104 Main St. East   472-2210   Mrs. Dell Vizzaccaro Prop.
Brewers Retail bottle opener
Macpherson Motors ball cap
North Bay, Ontario