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- World Wide Sales Agencies Ltd., Montreal, P.Q.
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- Peterborough Post Card Co., Peterborough, Ontario
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Golden Dragon (561 Lakeshore Dr.)
Golden Dragon Tavern
Gateway Restaurant (Nipissing Junction)
"The American Fair"
located inside the Mackey House Hotel 1887
Chicago Restaurant (Main Street)
Stock Yards 1906
McConnell's Esso Service
Nipissing Junction
Golf Club
the Golf Club 1935
Rosebud Restaurant & Tavern
2215 Algonquin Ave.
Gert Nadon, Proprietor
New Ontario Brewing Company
Mackey House
the Nugget  ( in the St. Regis Hotel )
Campbell's Texaco Service
Allison the Bookman
Doug McDonald Shell Service Station
J.W. Richardson Hardware
Wonder Bar Restaurant  No. 11 Hwy. North
Hosts Camille & Jenny Noel
Sunset Park Meals & Gas
S.S. Kresge Co. 1973
Welk's B/P Restaurant (Mattawa)
Portage Trading Post Lakeshore Dr.
The Golden Dragon Restaurant
"Dining - Dancing - Receptions"
McCluskey Drug Store
Lakeshore Dr.  Telephone 4720
the Bay Post
573 Lakeshore Dr.
Kennedy Offices & Kennedy Men
Gateway Restaurant (Nipissing Junction)
Allison the Bookman
342 Main St. East
Ski Hill
Park's Esso Service Station
Hwy. 11 Tilden Lake, 22 miles north of North Bay
The Smelter at Trout Lake