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North Bay, Ontario Local Characters & Citizens of Interest
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Judge Wm. Doran
G.H. Newton manager Despatch-Tribune
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Dr. McKnight
Samuel A. Huntington
Thomas Murrray
Wm. Parks
Mrs. & Mr. McFarlane
First permanent settler to North Bay
N. Phelps Editor Times
Dr. J.B. Carruthers
E. Varin
Alexander C. Amos
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T. N. Colgan
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Born in Callander, Scotland.  Came to Canada as a child and settled at Renfrew.  Arrived in North Bay in 1882 at age 18.  Married Jennie Fraser McFarlane.(daughter of Wm. McFarlane, the builder of the first residence!) Two sons named Duncan and William.  Successful in real estate and generous to the church and School Board.  Manager for 6 years of the Dominion Mineral Company of Sudbury; North Bay's first postmaster; the town's second reeve; Town Council member for a number of years and active member of the Board of Trade including president; largest shareholder in the Electric Light Company, and the North Bay Brick & Tile Company; and largely interested in the Cobalt and Montreal River mining.  One of the early magistrates, having been appointed for District of Nipissing in 1885 and for District of Parry Sound in 1889.  Mayor of North Bay from 1919 - 1922.  Known as a town builder!
" here must be a city " John Ferguson 1882  
Born near Toronto in 1845.  In 1860 the family moved to a farm near Barrie, where David and his brothers, James and Thomas went into the hardware business.  They built up the largest retail trade in the province, with branches in North Bay 1888; Sudbury 1900; and Webbwood, 1902.  He was the first president of the Board of Trade in 1894, which office he held up to 1905 when he was elected mayor for two years.  A member of the Public School Board for several years and a member of the first High School Board.  He headed many delegations to Ottawa in an effort to urge construction of the Georgian Bay Ship Canal.
Came to North Bay in 1888.  Appointed Crown Attorney and Crown Prosecutor in 1893. Instrumental in the organization of the Public Library, and its president.  President of the District Agricultural Association, President of the Board of Trade. Active advocate of the building of the Georgian Bay Ship Canal. Was a Presbyterian.
Some of the finest churches, residences, business blocks, and office buildings were the work of this young architect from London, Ontario.  His work includes the Catholic Church, the T.&N.O. Office Building and the beautiful Opera House.  His partner, Mr. L.O. Clarke was possibly the youngest city engineer in Canada.  His work was seen in the miles of sidewalks, sewers and extensive waterworks.
Born at Forest ( County of Huron Ont. )  Entered general merchandizing with G.F. Marter, ex M.P.P. of Gravenhurst.  Moved to Winnipeg and got into hardware.  Married Miss E.A. Hill and came to North Bay in 1885, and started as tinsmith gradually working up to a large hardware business.  A number of years on Town Council and  two years on Public School Board.  Elected mayor in 1902. Was a Methodist.
Born in Carleton County, near Richmond.  Went to Pembroke from 1864 -1875. Was in business in Portage du Fort up to 1880 before returning to Pemboke till 1884.  Then came to North Bay to take charge of the extensive business of his half-brothers, T & W Murray.  In 1905 he purchased Wm. Murray's interest.  Owned a large part of the west end of town.  Elected North Bay's first mayor in 1891.  Five years on Council and two years on Separate School Board.  Married Hannah Coghlan of Allumette Island. Had eleven children. 
Born in Belfast, Ireland.  Apprenticed to learn the shoe business after a few years of school.  Landed in Halifax in 1880.  Also spent a short time in St. John, Truro and Glasgow before heading west to Toronto and then Pembroke.  Arrived in North Bay July of 1883.  Opened a boot and shoe store, but gave it up to go railroading.  Stayed with the C.P.R. until 1889 , when he started again in the shoe business later adding gents furnishings.  Six years on the Public School Board and one of the charter members of the Board of Trade.  A member of Town Council and prominent in a number of fraternal societies. A Methodist.  Married Miss Mary A., daughter of B. Robitaille, of Clarendon, Pontiac County, P.Q.
Druggist.  Born in Hanover, Bruce County, Ontario.  Educated in Wiarton High School, served his drug apprenticeship in Tillsonburg, Orillia, Paisley and Harrison,then graduated in 1901 at the College of Pharmacy in Toronto.  Came to North Bay in 1902 and opened a drug store on the Queen's Hotel corner.  Active in politics.  Was a Presbyterian.
Born in Montreal in 1846. Spent twenty years with the Grand Trunk in Quebec before coming to North Bay in 1883 with the C.P.R. as agent, in charge of timber shipments for the district.  Later he became agent as well for the G.T. and T. & N.O. railways.  Also for a number of years in charge of the express companies.  Instrumental in the organization of the Board of Trade in 1894. ( started with only 35 members )  Along with L.P. Snyder ( first Manager of the Traders Bank ) McKeown organized the Public Library.  On the High School Board for many years.  Married Miss Aileen Brennan, daughter of James Brennan of Merrickville.  He had 8 children.  Owner of many valuable properties.  Was a Catholic.
Born in Toronto.  Went to Hillsdale, Ont., in 1858, and then to North Bay in 1888.  Entering into contracting with his son, he built nearly one third of the town.  Some of their larger contracts were the Queen's, North Bay, & Cecil Hotels, the East Ward Public School, the Methodist Church, the Mulligan, Richardson, Purvis, Wallace, etc., blocks.  He was in several Town Councils.  Married Miss Jennett Hill, of Hillsdale, Ont. Had eight children. Was a Presbyterian.
Born and high school educated in Toronto.  Family moved to Medonte Township.  He went to Wyebridge, where he started the manufacture of harness. Building up one of the largest businesses in Ontario.  Sold out and went into general merchandise.  In 1899 he opened a store in North Bay.  Contracted railroad ties to the T. & N.O. Railway, furnishing 140 miles of the road!  Acquired interest in several valuable Cobalt silver claims.  Retired from General Store and Contracting in 1906.  Then opened a Mining Brokers Office in the Ferguson Block.  Married Miss C.C. Edwards, of Wyebridge.  A Presbyterian with six children.
Born July 30, 1878 at Cannington, Ontario County, Ontario.  Graduated in 1902 from Trinity Medical College and at Trinity University in medicine, admitted member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario in 1903.  Before coming to North Bay in October of 1904, he was House Surgeon for the Hospital for Sick Children and on House Staff of the Toronto General Hospital and Emergency Hospital.  A member of both the British & Ontario Medical Associations.  Specialties were surgery and care of children.  Staff member of the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital & on Board of Trustees.  Lecturer of the Training School for Nurses.  Active Methodist church worker.  Interests included curling, lacrosse and music.
Born 10, 1848, at Studley, Wiltshire, England.  Came to Ottawa in 1871 and the following year went with the famous old Union Forwarding Company, running steamers up and down the river.  After 3 years with this company, he went into farming at Westmeath, till 1879.  Then he went to the C.P.R. , first with Jas Worthington on the construction of the line.  In 1883 he went as first-class fireman, and in 1888 he was promoted to engineer.  A charter member of the Brotherhood of Firemen ( The first society formed in 1884 in North Bay. )  He married Miss Mary J. McKenzie, of Rockliffe, Ontario and had 2 sons and 3 daughters.  An active Presbyterian. 
North Bay's first druggist, with his store in John Bourke's "Flat Iron."  Came from Pembroke a poor man, and having lived a most honored life, died a wealthy man.  He was an officer on the Board of Trade.  Chairman of the Building Committee for the new St. Andrew's Church up until his death.  His wife laid the "corner stone" on Aug. 15, 1904. ( items placed in the corner stone box included, a small Bible, history of the church to date, last annual report of the church, religious papers, Toronto Globe, Mail & Empire, North Bay Times, and The Despatch.) 
Born at Smith's Falls, Ontario.  After public school he served and apprenticeship as a machinist, later going to Brockville with the James Smart Manufacturing Co.  Came to North Bay in 1886, and was foreman in the C.P.R. machine shops until 1902.  At which time he purchased the Grand Union Hotel, on McIntyre Street.  He was a successful Chief of the Fire Department for 9 years.  Member of the Separate School Board.  As a lover of horses, he collected some of the best blooded stock in the country!  He built the " Grand View " track at the northern part of town for Association races throughout the summer and fall.  He married Miss Elizabeth Mooney, of Prescott, Ontario in 1907.
He went to Mattawa in 1883 from Pembroke. And moved to North Bay in 1887, at which time he went into general merchandise with R. Bunyan.  In 1893 he withdrew from what was known as Bunyan & Flannery.  He became Town Clerk & Division Court Clerk in 1897.  A member of Town Council for two years and a member of the Separate School Board also for two years.  Married Miss Alice Bourke, the sister of John & P. Bourke.  He was a Catholic with four children.
Born in County Tipperary, Ireland.  Came to Sheenboro, P.Q. as a child in 1863.  Arrived in North Bay in 1883, and went into the clothing business.  Thirteen years on Town Council, an early Reeve and the Mayor in 1896.  Long-time chairman of the Separate School Board.  He was a Catholic and an active Liberal.  A family of nine since his marriage to Miss Ellen McFarland, of Sheenboro.
Born at White Lake, Ontario.  At 13 years old, he went to work in the woods as a lumberman with Caiswell & Mackey, where he stayed for 13 years.  Then 2 years in Renfrew with Barnet & Sons.  Joined the C.P.R. at Renfrew for 7 years before he came to the T.&N.O.  Started as a Travelling Freight Agent until August of 1907 when he was appointed General Agent of the road.  A municipal politician as well as an active Conservative in Provincial politics.  A Methodist who married Miss Bessie Amey, of Cannington, Ontario.
Born at Fullerton's Corners, near Stratford, Ontario.  Went to California in 1888, and to Montana in 1891, where he remained until the panic drove him to Canada in 1893.  Came directly to North Bay, where he immediately went into the hardware business with J.W. McDonald.  The firm of McDonald & Hay grew to one of the most successful in all brancheas of the hardware line.  Mr. Hay avoided municipal politics.  A Presbyterian.
Born in Little York ( Toronto )  The family moved to Shelburne, Ont., and in 1895 George went to Thessalon, and then to North Bay in 1904.  Married Miss Martha M. Durkee, of Listowel, Ont.  A Presbyterian with five children.  ( As of 1909 ) Mr. Gillespie had spent 42 years behind a camera.  This may have put him into photography longer than any other Canadian.  He was an inventor of a number of valuable things in photography.  George was the photographer for the T.&N.O Railway.
Born near Eugenia Falls where he was educated in the Public Schools.  Entered the lumber and mill business with his brothers as the firm Hickling Brothers operating mostly at Hickling Mills.  They sold out, and J.F. went into mining.  Once again the brothers got into saw-milling in Collingwood, also adding to their business coal, wood & general lumber.  J.F. sold out his interest in 1907 and devoted his whole time to prospecting as far north as James Bay with a great deal of success.  Came to North Bay in spring of 1908, and bought out H.B. Nichols, of the brokerage firm of Dixon & Nichols.  The company name changed to Dixon & Company.
Born at Waterford, N.H. United States.  In 1875 the family moved to Lakefield, P.Q.  Educated at Lachute Academy and at the Montreal Business College.  He started as a Wharf Superintendent for the Hamburg-American Steamship Co.  For 3 years he was Pullman Conductor on the G.T.R.  He left that for general brokerage and insurance.  Came to North Bay in 1905 and became interested in general mining as Cobalt was beginning to attract attention.  In 1907 he put in the first private wire, being a loop of Chas. Head & Co.'s New York & Toronto line.  Later he has direct connection with the Montreal Stock Market over Redpath & Co.'s wire.  President of the Crown Jewel Mines Ltd.  A broker who stuck by his customers, protecting them at times, to his own loss.  Active in political affairs.  President of the North Bay Conservative Association.  Deeply interested in the preservation of forest, fish and game, he became the Secretary of the Ontario Forest, Fish & Game Protective Association.  He was Secretary of a Special Commitee to deal with the publicity and information about the Georgian Bay Canal. He maintained an unbounded faith in North Bay.  " It's going to be a great city - nothing can stop it, and everything points to the fulfilment of our dreams, canal or no canal - but canal it's bound to be ! "  A Methodist in religion, he married Miss Margaret A. Pappin, of Westmeath, Ontario.
Came with the C.P.R. in 1882.  The first fireman to come into North Bay, with Sam Lees as engineer. He got his own engine in 1885.  One of the organizers and first Secretary of the "Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen". ( the first society to organize in town! )  A member of Town Council in 1892.  Married Miss Ann McCall, of Montreal and had two boys and two girls.  James was a Catholic.
Born in South Renfrew.  Came to North Bay in 1882 for a brief period before going to Pennsylvania for four years, then he came back to North Bay.  Was with the C.P.R. from 1886 - 1904.  Formed the Lindsay & McCluskey Coal Company, which became one of the largest dealers north of Toronto.  Was in Town Council for two years as well as a member of the Public School Board.  He married Miss Elizabeth Forest, of Renfrew and had six children.  A Presbyterian.
Born in Philadelphia,Pa.  Moved to Pembroke in 1872 and started as a farmer until he joined the C.P.R. as an engineer.  Arrived in North Bay in 1883 and quit the railroad in 1906 to form a partnership in the coal business with James Lindsay.  The company had extensive interests in mining properties in Quebec, the Vermillion River area, etc.  Married Miss Eliza J. Brill, of Pembroke.  Had three children and was an active member of the Board of Trade.  Was a Trustee of the Methodist church.
From St. Charles, P.Q.  Went to Riviere du Loup and later to Quebec for school.  Came to North Bay with the C.P.R. in 1882.  Made conductor in 1885.  He was on the first train that went on through to Winnipeg.  Interested in athletics and fall deer hunting.  One of the contributors of the beautiful Opera House.  A Catholic in religion.
McCubbin started at Vaughan.  Came to North Bay in 1900 after going into a General Store in Palgrave.  Was in business with W.J. Parsons in the Nipissing Stores until 1905, when he started in business for himself on Front Street in men's furnishings.  Prominent in Masonry, and great interest in music.  President of the North Bay Choral Union.  1908 marriage to Miss Annie, daughter of Rev. J.W. Stewart, a pastor of the Methodist Church.
Born in Simcoe, Ontario.  Came to Callander in 1890.  Promoted the attractions of the French River with his " House Boats ", often referred to as " Floating Hotels ".  A member of the Ontario Fish & Game Protective Association.  With the assistance of local members from Sturgeon Falls and Parry Sound, Mr. Kervin had the net fishing of Lake Nipissing stopped, thus saving the lake from being depleted of fish!
Born in the county of Donegal, Ireland, in 1860.  Came to Canada in 1879, to reside in Fort William, P.Q.  In 1886 he arrived in North Bay to clerk for T.& W. Murray.  Having reached town with only $8 in his pocket and clerking for $20 a month, he became one of the rich men of the district, eventually owning among many others, the building he began clerking in.  In 1897 he bought the T. & W. Murray general stores in Chapleau, which he ran for five years before selling and returning to North Bay.  After his retirement from merchandise he engaged in the real estate and insurance business in North Bay.  Was in Town Council for seven years and vice-president of the Board of Trade for a number of years.  Served several terms on the Separate School Board.  President of the Liberal Association.  He later re-purchased the Chapleau business.  The cousin of Charles A. McCool, the two term Member of Parliament.  Married Miss Malvina Landon, of Chichester. P.Q. and had a family of ten.  A Catholic.
Born at Pontiac, on the Quebec side of the Chats Falls.  Son of Hugh Mulligan, who was with the Union Forwarding Co., and in charge of the Pontiac station.  Bernard came to North Bay in 1885 after spending some time in Mattawa.  Worked for Murray & Loughrin before staring for himself in 1892.  A long time member of the Separate School Board.  Active in the Board of Trade and its Treasurer.  A large owner of residence and business property, including the Imperial Bank building.  A director in the Opera House Co.  Married Miss Elizabeth Kipp, of Ottawa and had ten children.  Catholic in religion and involved in Liberal politics.  " Barney never used to let folks get lonesome..."
Born in Simcoe, Ontario.  Came to North Bay in 1891.  Was with the C.P.R. for a short time before going into the meat business with Donald Hill ( died in 1904 ).  They later added groceries.  McIntosh was in the Town Council for two years.  Married Miss Mary A. Hill, a sister of his partner.  An active fraternity man, being a member of the Masonic and other Orders. A Presbyterian.
Born July 8, 1874, near Smith's Falls, Ontario,  where he was educated.  Began teaching at the age of 19 in a country school in Lanark County from 1893 to 1895.  At the age of 22 he married and left teaching to become a railway man.  Married Miss Elizabeth Morrow.  Was a baggageman and telegrapher with the C.P.R. until 1904, when he came to the T.& N.O. , as general freight and passenger agent.  His executive ability was noticed and by January 1st of 1905 he became the Superintendent of the line!  An Anglican, with an unbounded faith in the future of the great north country.          " What with its mineral lands and millions of fertile acres it is bound to be, as you are pleased to call it, a veritable marvel-land. "
North Bays first physician.  Born in York county near Toronto.  Graduated at Queen's University in Arts in 1875, and in Medicine 1883.  Immediately went to the C.P.R., first to Mattawa as physician and surgeon.  Had charge from Chalk River to Sudbury.  He located here when the road opened to North Bay.  He was appointed physician and surgeon as far as New Liskeard when the T.& N.O. started.  Spent several years on the Public School Board and the High School Board.  A Presbyterian and a Liberal as well as a prominent member of many fraternal societies.  Married Miss Elizabeth Fraser of Pembroke.
Born at Deseronto, Ontario.  Graduated at Queen's University in 1900, with the degree of M.A., was gold medallist in Political Science, graduated in the Upper Canada Law School in 1903.  Came to North Bay in 1904.  Entered into law partnership with J.H. McCurry.  Was Secretary of the Liberal Association of Nipissing for three years.  He was Auditor of the Masonic Order and Financial Secretary of the A.O.U.W. of North Bay.  He was an Anglican.
Born and educated in Pembroke, Ontario.  In 1892 he went to work in Pembroke for the Ottawa Bank.  In 1898 he transfered to the branch in Alexandria, Ontario and then to Parry Sound.  In 1902 he was made manager at Maxville, and in 1906 opened the branch in Haileybury.  Came to the North Bay branch in June of 1907 as manager.  Was married in 1903 to Miss Stella G. Hamilton, daughter of Wm. Hamilton of Toronto.  A Presbyterian with two sons.  ( The North Bay branch was opened in Oct. of 1902, with Wm. Kingsmill as Manager, then D. McLaren before Mr. Moffat )
Born in Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland in 1864.  Came to Brockville, Ontario in 1876 and on to Mattawa, with the C.P.R. in 1881.  In the fall of 1882 he came to North Bay.  A Town Council member in 1893, and the Reeve in 1895, the year that North Bay became the County Town.  He was a charter member and the Treasurer of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen.  Became an engineer with the C.P.R.  Married Miss Gertrude Landers, of Sudbury.  A Presbyterian.
The son of Judge P. McCurry, of Parry Sound.  Born at Guelph, Ontario and educated at the public schools of Parry Sound and at Toronto University.  Graduated in law in 1894, and began practice in Parry Sound.  Out of law for eight years while following placer mining in northern B.C. & Alaska.  Came to North Bay in 1904, and formed a law partnership with G. A. McGaughey.  Active in Liberal politics.
Born in Perth, St. Mary's County, Ontario.  After Public School he went to Paisley in 1875, working in hardware as both his brothers and father were in the hardware business.  In 1892 he came to North Bay with his hardware business.  Spent three years on the Public School Board and a year on Town Council.  His son, John Hay McDonlald, while at Queen's University, for a year end paper chose the subject " The Georgian Bay Ship Canal ".  " Even the boys are full of the spirit of this great enterprise, and are preparing to take up the work if their fathers fail. "  Mr. McDonald was a Presbyterian.
Born at Westport, Ontario.  Went to Kingston in 1890, and to Wellington, where he had a shoe store.  Came to North Bay in 1904.  Had one of the largest shoe businesses in the upper country.  Married Miss Elizabeth O'Brien, of Brockville.  Had four children.  Lived in the Widdifield section of town, known as " Murphy's Ward ".  Active in its growth, he became the first member elected from the Ward to Township Council and later became Reeve.
* indicates: Mini-bios & photo from the book "Gateway to Silverland" by Anson Gard 1909.
                        Therefore individual bio's would only be accurate up until circa 1908,
                        after which most subjects were still alive and creating personal history.
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Dr. Duncan A.                          Campbell
Doctor.  ( Brother to Harold Campbell below)
Duncan Campbell was Born Nov.28, 1886 (Grey County,Ont.) Died April 28, 1946.
Married to Dorothy Gutelius January 5, 1916 in New Brunswick.

photo courtesy Anne Campbell (daughter of Dr. Campbell)
Dorothy Campbell
           (nee Gutelius)
Wife of Dr. Duncan Campbell below.

photo courtesy Anne Campbell (daughter of Duncan & Dorothy Campbell)
F. P. Gutelius
Frederick Passmore Gutelius ( father of Dorothy Campbell )
Born 1864, died at North Bay, Ontario Sept. 1935.
"A veteran railroader widely known for his active part in railway engineering & management all over the continent." Montreal Daily Star

<-- The New York Times                       "Who's Who in Canada" --->

      photos courtesy Anne Campbell (grandaughter of F.P. Gutelius)
Frank G. Mackie
North Bay City Engineer & pioneer of railway construction. 
Born at Toronto, Ontario.
Died Jan. 1946 in North Bay at age 85. 
Mr. Mackie became City Engineer of North Bay in April of 1921.
                               ( "Last Rites" article from Jan.18, 1946 Nugget )
                         ( photo from 1925 "Old Home Week" souvenir book )
Bryden Lloyd
William J. Rowe
Purser aboard the Chief Commanda. (circa 1957)
                         ( photo courtesy Stafford Jenkins - grandson )
Captain of the Chief Commanda starting in spring of 1947 when regular service on Lake Nipissing began.  His son, Lorne Rowe was appointed captain in 1961.
William Rowe was the first owner & builder of the "Anchor Inn" 276 Lakeshore Dr.
Known as "Captain Bill" by many passengers & friends in the French River District.
                         ( photo courtesy Stafford Jenkins - great grandson )
F.D. Wallace, M.A.
Became principal of "North Bay Collegiate Institute" in 1920.
Merle E. Dickerson
Mayor of North Bay 1954 - 1960, 1966 - 1971, 1974 - 1984
George Apostle
(b 1879 - d 1953)  Well known & popular North Bay locksmith and World War I veteran.

Married at Montreal in 1921 to Eva Diacopoulos (b 1888 Greece - d 1962)
                                            resided at 365 Main St. West, North Bay.

             Son George Jr. was "Killed in Action" in WW 2.
             Apostle Island in Georgian Bay was named
             in his memory.

George & Eva also had a son Peter and daughter Mrs. J.M. Janetakes.

                                            ( photos & info courtesy Michael Janetakes - grandson )
Dr. Wm. Murray
Photo of Dr. Leatherdale with mayor of North York on dogsled 1968. 
"Gateway Arch" spans a two lane Lakeshore Drive.
Click here for the Biography of Dr. Leatherdale.
( photos & biography courtesy Lauran Larade - daughter )
William McFarlane was married to Jane Walsh.  Both came to North Bay from New Brunswick.  Jane was born in the Miramichi but her family must have moved to the Flatlands, New Brunswick area.  William was either born in Miramichi or Scotland.  They lived for a long time in Matapedia, Quebec where Jane raised their children and William worked in the Lumber camps across the border in New Brunswick.  William worked for the railroad as a lumberman which was the reason for his arrival in North Bay.  Their daughter Jennie Fraser McFarlane married John Ferguson. William and Jane built the first house in North Bay and it was used for religious ceremonies of all faiths until churches where built. William died in North Bay in 1906 and he and Jane are both buried in the RC cemetery.
Born in Douglas Ont. 1895
(Family has been in Canada since late 1700's: Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry County then moving up to Renfrew area, family rumor has it that they had a hand in the burning of Washington, war of 1812. )
Logging was big in those days. At age 25 found himself up in the New Liskeard area as a laborer. Met and married Georgia Holmes age 19 in 1917.
Moved to Sturgeon Falls where he was called up in 1917. Served and records show was wounded in France but remained on duty.
Contracted Spanish Influenza & sent to England for recuperation. Returned to Canada summer 1919 where he was discharged.
Worked a few years in Sturgeon Falls as a Carter (teamster). Moved to North Bay 1922 and worked as a Boiler Maker for the ONR until his retirement in 1958.
Passed in 1963 and is interred at Forest Lawn. He was a quiet man, the war contributed to this as it did to many others.
                                                       photo's and bio courtesy grandson Wayne McLeod
John McLeod
Julie & Cec Hewitt
Cecil (Cec) Hewitt was Mayor of North Bay from 1961 -1965.

      1969 photo courtesy Sister Cecily Hewitt (daughter)
Circa early 1920's photo of Judge's widow, Isabella McRae Doran
with grand children Joseph & Kenneth at the family cottage
on the shores of Trout Lake. 
image courtesy of Kathleen Kilburn (great grand daughter of Judge Doran)
the following information is courtesy of Robert Temple (Grandson of Amey Lee)

The children of George and Bessie Lee are as follows:
John MacDonald Lee b. 1905, d 1937.
Amey Caroline Lee b. 1907, d. 1968.
Robert Gardiner Lee b. 1909 d. 2005.
Isabel Harriet Lee b. 1911 d. 1979.
Margaret Elizabeth Lee b. 1913 d. 1998.
Anna Evangeline Lee b. 1915 d. 1989.