Vintage North Bay, Ontario Match Covers
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North Bay Auto Supply
34 McIntyre St. West
phone 1300
"Barber & Ringler"
Red Indian Service Station
phone 944
Deb Beauty Salon
38 Ferguson Street
phone 1101
Kelly's Tea Room
380 Main St. East
Lefebvre's Sport & Tobacco Shop
Delmar Restaurant
Norbie Wilson Service Station
Cor. Cassells & Main
phone GR. 4-1270
Pat's Restaurant
P. Adduono Prop.
179 Main St. East
Tek's Sea Foods
Hwy. #11
phone GROVER 2-9220
Callander Hotel - C.H. Windsor Prop.
two miles from the famous five babies
phone 825WI
Delmar Restaurant
corner of Algonquin & Main streets
North Bay Garage Service Station
Gord Barber Mgr.
Esso Imperial Oil Service Station
Main & Sherbrooke streets
phone 551
Baywood Motor Hotel
307 Algonquin Ave.
phone 474- 3610
Jack Stevenson Tobacco
"everything for the smoker"
26 Main Street West
phone 1752
Rolly Gagne North Bay Auto Supply
North Bay
Chicago Restaurant
North Bay
phone 486
Northern Oil Service Station
Lessees James Kelly & Jerry Cardinal
North Bay
phone 665

Jack Stevenson Cigar Store
16 Main Street West
phone 1752
Red Line Inn
phone 752-1611
St. Regis Hotel
North Bay
phone 472-7600
The Manitou Motel
Sunset Park Post Office
Hwy. #11 (Lakeshore Dr.)
3 miles south of North Bay
phone 517
Continental Hotel
192 Main St. East
Rooms $3.50 / day
Parkview Hotel
122 Oak St. West
Tobacco - Confectionery - Fountain Service
corner of McIntyre & John Sts.
the Ascot Motel 46 Rooms
255 McIntyre St. West - 474-4770
Host: Mac Yetman
Belmont Hotel
Telephone 3200
Blue Diamond Vending Co.
phone 472-5895
Bob Kizell Men's Wear
Central Garage
phone 481-R-14
DeLuxe Movers
DeLuxe Transportation Ltd.
phone GR.4-0100
DeLuxe Taxi "Radio Equipped"
Dial 472-4100
Hertz Truck Rental
Dial 472-2720
the Forum Ristorante
310 Algonquin Ave.
phone 495-2010
Fraser House
Prop. George Hutul
Gateway Restaurant
Hwy. 11 South, Nipissing Junction
Gervais Restaurant & Tavern
Hwy. 17 East, Sturgeon Falls
phone 753-1520
North Bay Golf & Country Club
phone 472-7270
Hilltop Tobacco & Variety
1224 Algonquin Ave.
phone 474-1001
North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce
401 McIntyre St. East
"Convention Capital of the North"
One Hour Martinizing
"the most in Dry Cleaning"
Pinewood Park Motor Inn Ltd.
Hwy. 11 South
Pinewood Park Motor Inn
Hwy. 11 South
phone 472-0810   Telex 027-76275
"the original Dionne Homestead"
Pinewood Park Motor Inn
Hwy. 11 South - 108 Hotel Rooms
Ramada Inn
700 Lakeshore Drive
phone 474-5800  Telex 067-76286
Records on Wheels
114 Main St. W. phone 476-2280
North Bay Mall  phone 476-0222

Rosebud Restaurant
2215 Algonquin Ave.
Dial 472-9920
Star Motel
405 Lakeshore Dr.
Dial 472-3510
Tek's SeaFoods
Cassells St.
phone 472-2121
Wong's Restaurant
266 Main St. East
phone 472-1280
Sunlit Bay Cottages & Motel
Callander  752-1040
Hosts: Clayton & Jean Ibbitson
Fifth Wheel Truck Stop
Hwy. 11 South at Nipissing Junction
Family Restaurant
225 Lakeshore Drive