Vintage North Bay, Ontario Radio Cards
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Georgina Sasseville  "Buzzard Control"
Jim & Yvette Rowlings  "Chief Ironside & Snoopy"
Maurice Adnum  "The Silver Fox Mobile"
Moe Adnum  "The Silver Fox Mobile"
Richard Prescott  "Shadfly"
the Newman's - Terry & Ban
Michael E. Cutsey  1949
John L. Maltby
Georgina & Joseph Sasseville Jr.  "Herring Choker & Blue Nose"
Local Radio Club Links
The North Bay Amateur Radio Club
was formed in the 1950's and is still active today.
Ennis & Joyce Scobie
"The Lone Ranger & Morning Star"
Herb E. Park 1951
Matson's Esso - Hwy. 11 N.
Rod Scott  "Moby Dick"
F.J. Reeve 1953
Jim Holman
Reg & Dianne Ruttan - "the Renegade & the Busy Bee"
Mick Meeking - "Trout Fly"
"Trout Fly" - Fishing Mates - Spinner R. Minnow ( Orma & Janie )
Joseph & Jeannine McDonald - " Big Mack & White Shoes"
Don Tooley - "the Railroader"
David Gray - "Spike"
Larry Ling - "Lake Trout"
Bob Stevens - "Purple Passion"