Vintage North Bay, Ontario Railroad
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T.&N.O. Railway's Telegram
T.&N.O. Railway Ticket
T.&N.O. Railway
"Band Member"
T.&N.O. Railway "porcelain insulators"
T.&N.O. Railway Offices & Freight Sheds - North Bay, Ontario
Temiskaming & Northern Ontario Railway
Canadian Pacific Railway
Canadian National Railway
Grand Trunk Railway
Canadian Pacific Railway Station, built in 1903. North Bay
Grand Trunk Railway Station - North Bay, Ontario
Canadian National  Railway Station (built in 1916) North Bay
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Incorporated as the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway on March 17, 1902. 
The name was changed to the Ontario Northland Railway on April 5, 1946,
The T.&N.O. Railway depot operated out of the C.P.R. station until it moved to the C.N. station in 1921.
Click here to visit a History of CN Rail in North Bay at the official "City of North Bay website"
The CN Railway was active in North Bay from Nov. 23, 1915 - Nov.24,1995
In December of 1882, the first C.P.R. train (the "Lucy Dalton") arrived in North Bay from Mattawa.
In 1886 the "Northern & Pacific Junction Railway" connected with the C.P.R. near North Bay at Nipissing Junction from Muskoka.  The N.&P.J.was owned by the "Northern & Northwestern Railway", which was taken over by the "Grand Trunk Railway" in 1888. 
The C.P.R. station was used as the Grand Trunk depost until 1921 when service was moved to the C.N. station.
T.&N.O. Railway's Telegraph 1926
Grand Trunk uniform button
Nosbonsing and Nipissing Railway
J.R. Booth constructed the 5.5 mile N&N line to connect Lake Nipissing with Lake Nosbonsing, to accommodate the transportation of lumber to his Ottawa mill (largest Saw Mill in the world at the time) via the Mattawa and Ottawa rivers.  In operation from 1884 to 1912.
(R) The "J.R. Booth" (named for the lines owner) was the only engine to operate on the Lake Nipissing to Lake Nosbonsing line.
          image circa 1884
(L) John Rudolphus Booth.  Canadian lumber king and railroad baron.
          image circa 1922
(below) N & N western terminus at Callander Bay on Lake Nipissing.   image circa 1884
(below) The lift was powered by a water wheel in the Wasi River to raise logs from Callander Bay to the N & N train waiting above.  image circa 1884