Vintage North Bay, Ontario Sports
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1939 Laurentian Ski Club pin
1936 Laurentian Ski Club pin
1930 Laurentian Ski Club pin
1953 Granite Club
Women's Curling
North Bay Curling & Athletic Co.
1950 shares ( W.R. Pritchard )
1952 R.C.A.F.
Curling pin
1939 T. & N.O.
Curling pin
1955 Granite Club pin
RCAF Skyliners patch
Baseball Grounds - North Bay, Ontario
1956-57 North Bay Trappers
North Bay Trappers
Trappers bumper sticker
Trappers pennant
Trappers Jersey Crest
Trappers puck
Horton Shell Service Station
Ad "Tim Horton"
Centennials pennant
Centennials Crest
Centennials puck
Centennials puck
82/83 North Bay Centennials
83/84 North Bay Centennials
84/85 North Bay Centennials
85/86 North Bay Centennials
86/87 North Bay Centennials
87/88 North Bay Centennials
89/90 North Bay Centennials
90/91 North Bay Centennials
88/89 North Bay Centennials
Skyhawks puck
1957 City Champs
Bourke St. Playground crest
1958 Pee-Wee Champs crest
1923-24 North Bay Jr.
Hockey Team
The New Rink 1908
1942 Laurentian Ski Club pin pass
1951 Laurentian Ski Club pin
1952 Laurentian Ski Club pin
1956 Laurentian Ski Club pin
1956/57 Laurentian Ski Club pin
1938 North Bay Curling Club pin
courtesy Peter H. Muldoon
1964 ACT North Bay Bonspiel
CFB North Bay Curling Club
North Bay Granite Club pin
Four Seasons Curling Club pin
1939 North Bay Curling Club pin
courtesy Peter H. Muldoon
1951 T. & N.O.
Granite Club Bonspiel
North Bay Trappers
North Bay Centennials
Centennials puck
North Bay Golden Puck
Ecole Secondaire puck
Cents puck Advertisers
Trappers puck
Trappers puck
1953 Sr. Woman Playground
Softball League Champs patch
1923/24 N.O.H.A.
1954 Cliff Ryan (North Bay born)
Wembley Lions
1963 Trappers program
(Ron Burman)
1963 Trappers program
(Richard Magnusson)
1962 Trappers
1955 Trappers program
1954 Trappers program
1955 Trappers program
1963 Trappers program
(Richard Magnusson)
1961 Trappers program
1963 Trappers program
(Roger Bowness)
1963 Trappers program
(Marty Reynolds)
1965 Trappers program
1969 Trappers program
1963 program
1961 North Bay Trappers
1967 Trappers program
North Bay Granite Club spoon
"Go Trappers" button
Associated Canadian Travellers
Hockey Crest circa 1930's
1967 Laurentian Ski Club pin
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Hockey Programs
1927-1928 North Bay Trappers
photo courtesy of Marg (Britton) Prosser
1912-1913 Local Hockey Team (Nipissing Area)
photo courtesy of Marg (Britton) Prosser
1975 West Ferris Minor Hockey
7th Annual Novice Tournament Program
1977 Trappers Golden Puck Tourney
4th Annual Souvenir Program
1979 North Bay Golden Puck Tourney
6th Annual Souvenir Program
1976 West Ferris Ladies Recreation
9th Annual Souvenir Program
1940 North Bay Curling Club pin
courtesy Peter H. Muldoon
North Bay Curlers Club 1945
courtesy Peter H. Muldoon
North Bay Curling Club pins
courtesy Peter H. Muldoon
1959/60 Laurentian Ski Club pin
North Bay Area Cross-Country Ski Agency
Figure Skating
North Bay Figure Skating Club
1954 Laurentian Ski Club pin
Lions Hockey Club Juveniles 1927
North Bay & District Champions
North Bay Collegiate Hockey Team
Coach Leo Troy 1931
1937 Laurentian Ski Club pin
North Bay Junior Hockey
1923 Champs of N.O.H.A.
T.&N.O. Girls Softball Club
Hockey Crests
West Ferris Minor Hockey logo
West Ferris Minor Hockey 1976
West Ferris Minor Hockey 1977
Widdifield Minor Hockey 1967
North Bay Minor Hockey 1968
Lions Club Tournament 1970
North Bay Curling photo
North Bay Curlers circa 1938 photo
1959 Zechner Trophy Winners photo
Railton Photo of a Mackey House sponsored team.

Sport, date & trophy winners unknown. ( The Mackey House was located on the present day site of the Main Street "Royal Bank" location.)
1955 Northland Fastball Champions
1973 "Bruce Office Supply" O.A.S.A.
1956 Northland Fastball Champions
1969 Northland Fastball Champions
1971 Northland Fastball Champions
1972 Champs O.A.S.A.
1968 Laurentian Ski Club pin