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The above postcards were published by the following companys & individuals.
- Rumsey & Co. Toronto, Ont.
- Photogelatine Engraving Co. Limited, Ottawa
- Phillips & Wrinch, Ltc., Toronto
- Valentine Black Co. Ltd., Toronto, Canada
- Valentine & Son's Publishing Co., Ltd., Montreal & Toronto
- H.S. Campbell Druggist, North Bay
- McDivitt's Drug Store, North Bay, Canada
- Wm. R. Forder, North Bay, Ont.
- Alex Wilson Pub. Ltd., Dryden, Ont.
- International Fine Art Company Ltd., Montreal
- Peterborough Post Card Co., Peterborough - Photo by H. Oakman
- World Wid Sales Agencies Ltd., Montreal
- Northern Toy & Novelty, Sudbury, Ontario
- Stedman Bros. Ltd., Brantford, Canada
- E. H. Ross, North Bay, Ont.
- Phibbs Printing World, St. Thomas, Ontario
- Novelty Manufacturing & Art Co., Ltd., Montreal
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Dock 1918
Dock 1906
Government Wharf
the Wharf 1918
Lake Nipissing
Moonlight on Nipissing 1949
French River 1905
French River canoe channel
Big Pine Rapids, French River
Sunset on Lake Nipissing 1941
Dock 1907
a quiet bay 1954
Trout Lake 1969
French River District
the Beach, Lake Nipissing 1946
Lake Nipissing
the "Breakers" Lake Nipissing
City Dock 1934
Park's Creek
Wasi Falls
Upper French River
Canoe Channel, French River
French River Supply Post Richard Lacasse Prop.
Lake Nipissing
Sunset Park Beach
Sunset Park
LaVasse River (Junction of Hwy. 11 & Lakeshore Drive)
Dokis Village Harbour Upper French River
Trout Lake
Trout Lake
Big Parisian Rapids French River
Chaudiere Fall Rapids French River
Upper Falls French River
Reflections on the French River
Dokis Village Upper French River
the Wharf
Dokis Indian Reserve 1968 French River
Canoe Channel, French River 1931
on the French River
Sunset Point
Trout Lake
Dock 1912
Recollet Falls French River
French River Inlet
West Arm Lake Nipissing
Sturgeon River - Lumbermen going to the Woods.  1906
Lake Nosbonsing